Name: Golden Cookie
Price: 10.00 USD

A Golden Cookie! Each Golden Cookie provides 30 days of membership to the consumer. The benefits of membership are listed below!

Passive Effects

  • Gold Star In-Game Chat Pin and Name Color - 
  • Bypass server limits when they are full
  • Use Copper, Iron and Gold blocks as display case pedestals
  • Place up to 100 Display Shops globally
  • Store an unlimited amount of items within a Display Shop
  • Signs can now be made with standard and hex coloring
  • Exempt from being AFK kicked (not including server restarts)


  • /co inspect - Inspect blocks and chests to see past breaks and interactions
  • /se - Edit signs after completion
  • /armorstand (last/near) - Edit armorstand positions, armor, and arms as well as the last one you worked on, or one near you
  • /skin  - Change your skin, player name input
  • /skin url - Change your skin, URL link input
  • /skin update - Refresh your skin to reflect changes (No cooldown)
  • /skin clear - Reset your skin back to normal
  • /nick - Change your nickname, per server (Sirrus, Emera, etc.)